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In Tula the feathery landing

With 1 will land - go October in Tula ekzotariume there will be new birds - pupils.

- Oshejnikovye toucans arasari will surprise you with huge beaks, amadiny Gulda - the brightest paints, and Chinese painted has sung - contrast range of the plumage, - employees ekzotariuma tell. - And it will be interesting to observe of behaviour of these feathery pupils not only to children, but also adults!
at us will appear:

Amadina Gulda - one of the most beautiful cellular birds. Its native land - tropical areas of Northern Australia. It is named so in honour of the spouse of the English scientist John Gulda, the first described this bird.

Painted (Chinese) has sung - the smallest representative of group chicken, enjoying wide popularity of fans of exotic birds. The native land - Jugo - East Asia. The painted has sung, unlike others perepelov, concern monodins (one-woman men), that is live in steams, and the male looks after baby birds, helps with building of a nest and protects a female from enemies.

Oshejnikovyj the toucan arasari - differs from other toucans a red strip on a neck, whence there was a name. Has disproportionately big (its length is almost equal to length of a trunk of a bird), brightly painted beak, but it does not deliver inconveniences to a bird: it very easy from - for presence in it of pneumatic cavities.