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Russia recognised America as the main hindrance at accession to WTO

Russia at official level recognised that the USA are the main obstacle of accession to WTO. On air of radio (97,2 FM in Moscow) the problem was discussed by Joseph Diskin, the manager. Stand of the Higher school of economy:

- On the threshold of a meeting the twenty in Pittsburgh there are local meetings of heads of the Russian government. And one of important elements are Igor Ivanovicha Shuvalov`s negotiations with the sales representative of the USA. Russia in the open has declared that the main obstacle in a Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization way is the position of the USA. Earlier it hid behind a position of the European union and others.

When the situation became clear also negotiations have gone intensively enough that the American side has estimated. It became clear that from the new agenda there were lobbist moods of manufacturers chicken and pork of the USA. And Russia owing to necessity of strengthening of sanitary control, penetration on the Russian market of deliveries of the meat which is not corresponding to the Russian standards, has limited quotas, approximately on third. As a result of it manufacture Russian a bird and pork has sharply extended. For the American manufacturers it there was a sharp knife. Naturally, they have started to press on Obama`s administration with the requirement to solve this problem.

One more question which is actively discussed today, is the customs union. On the one hand, it is necessary to provide, that all participants of the union had identical conditions of occurrence in it, differently it is very difficult to operate, and on the other hand, under legislative grounds there are no precedents when the customs union would enter legally together, as one unit. And as a result there is an arrangement that it is necessary to achieve that all three countries were included into the WTO on uniform conditions. And owing to it there is an arrangement that coordination of trunk-call positions peregovorshchikov (Russia, Belarus will be carried out and Kazakhstan) not to admit rupture in conditions.