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In Volgograd rescuers have collected spread oil

At station Zarephath the Volgograd branch of the Privolzhsky railway have passed joint with rescue Service taktiko - special doctrines on liquidation of flood of oil products. The purpose of doctrines - to fulfil actions at liquidation of emergency situations.

experts of the Volgograd branch of the Privolzhsky railway have been involved In doctrines, MU rescue Service and the Volgograd group of departmental protection - structural division of branch FGP IN ZHDT Russia on the Privolzhsky railway - the service on public relations of the Volgograd branch Privolzhsky ZHD informs .

On a legend at a cargo train which goes along Volga two tanks with oil have descended about a rail. As a result the first tank has overturned, at the second the copper in two places is punched. Through opened top loading hatch in the first tank and holes in the bottom of the second tank oil has flowed out on a ground and has started to flow down   in water. There was simultaneously its kindling.

For liquidations of consequences failures experts have been operatively called.

Participants of operation have established germetizirujushchie plasters on the hurt car - the tank, and began to collect oil from a water surface, have cleared a ground of pollution. After end under abnormal condition - a recovery work experts of ambulatory ecological laboratory of the Privolzhsky railway have spent control sampling of a ground, air and water.

Doctrines have passed successfully. Experts of the Volgograd branch and MU rescue Service operated operatively, it is competent and harmonious - the first deputy of the chief of the Volgograd branch Alexander Bykadorov has summed up .

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