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To the Tula recruits illegally granted delays

Today in area Office of Public Prosecutor the Coordination meeting of heads of law enforcement bodies of area has taken place.

On it such questions, as interaction of law enforcement bodies of area on observance of legality and safety in region, including security of forthcoming elections were discussed. Work of guards on counteraction to crimes in sphere toplivno - a power complex was sounded.

have not avoided also such question, as interaction of law enforcement bodies at counteraction to the crimes connected with evasion from an appeal on military service and from passage of military service.

So, checks of Office of Public Prosecutor have revealed 58 infringements of norms FZ About a conscription and military service The draught deferments connected with unreasonable granting on military service, the inadequate organisation of work on suppression of the facts of evasion of citizens from an appeal and the organisation of medical inspection of recruits.

Following the results of checks, public prosecutors bring 43 representations about elimination of transgressions, 3 protests are brought, 7 affairs about administrative offences are raised.

Transgressions have been revealed as in local governments, military commissariats, invocatory by the commission and law-enforcement bodies, and in territorial divisions FMS and officials who carry out military - registration work.