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In Tatarstan the enterprise has arranged ecological accident on 1,5 million roubles

Department of Volga multi-region nature protection investigatory management SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation criminal case is brought. The matter is that chemical substances and a waste have been dumped in the river. For this reason inflow of Bikljani has been polluted that has led to mass  destruction of animals.

as Sofia Tkachenko, in August, 2009 has informed the senior assistant administrator of department a cattle-breeding complex of production co-operative “ Bikljan “ dumped dangerous crude substances in a stream. This river Bikljan inflow is “ water object rybohozjajstvennogo uses of the second category “. The chemical analysis of tests of the water which have been selected during survey of a place of dump, has revealed considerable excess of maximum permissible concentration.

water Pollution (on some elements limit rates have been exceeded in 126 times) production wastes has entailed mass  destruction of fish. According to predesign of Rosprirodnadzora on Republic Tatarstan, the damage to surrounding environment has exceeded 1, 5 million roubles. Now for search guilty on business urgent investigatory actions are carried out, informs Regnum