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Refusal of the USA of the ABM in Europe can appear a cabal

Refusal of the USA of ABM placing in Europe became the big unexpectedness for many political forces. Actions of the White House have generated disputes on the present intentions of the USA in a question of global security and relations with Russia. On air of radio (97,2 FM in Moscow) the current situation was discussed by Alexey Mukhin, the director of the centre of the political information:

- it is unconditional, the statement of mister Obama concerning that the USA stop ABM placing in territory of the central Europe became resonant. In the Kremlin the offer expect thereupon from Washington to concede in Nabukko or under the so-called Iranian nuclear file. It is thus obvious that Washington, most likely, will not refuse intention to place ABM in other parts of Europe, only will postpone it for prospect. And, certainly, will carry out in more favorable economic or political conditions.

However there is a politeness problem. Moscow is obliged to respond on given a hand friendship even if the bludgeon is clamped in it on - former. The USA thereupon have played unmistakably. Most likely, Washington will bring up a question across Iran as the Russian position here is firm enough. I will remind that strategy of national security of the USA, accepted in 2002, on - former takes away the USA a messianic role in a world reorganisation, and to refuse this role they do not intend. In this document, it is underlined that the USA will aspire to bring democracy, the so-called free markets in each corner of the world, and will support any country in the decision of these problems. It means that Washington reserves the right to itself on - former to interfere worldwide with internal political affairs of any sovereign country.