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In the Kishinev lycees there will be network Wi - Fi

Five lycees will be shortly covered by network Wi - Fi within the limits of the social project We appreciate mind with support of the mayoralty of capital.

the purpose of the given project - encouragement of pupils to develop the skills and it is better to study, also the project gives to parents possibility to check through the Internet of an estimation and attendance of children. On the first a stage of the project covering Wi - Fi will be established in lycees of Spiru Haret, of Iona Krjange, to it. Of Mihaja Eminesku, to it. Mihaja Sadovjanu and of Konstantin Sibirsky. Subsequently the project will capture also other lycees.

- other purpose of the project - to establish competition between capital lycees and their pupils: at whom the best knowledge. We want to allow to join stimulus to each pupil of each school in this competition. It will allow to provide the maximum transparency that means education, - the mayor of capital Dorin Kirtoake on project presentation has told.

Within the limits of the project the information portal www has been opened also. liceu. md to stimulate lyceum students to enter competition. The company promised also prizes to pupils who will achieve the best results.