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In Volgograd fans Dimy Bilan have gone into a hysterics in the face of a star

Yesterday on a scene Volgograd TSKZ the substitute of millions Dima Bilan has acted with the new program. Despite that the singer comes to our city already in the third time, wishing to look on mega - a star has gathered much. The hall has been filled to the full, to many fans there were no at all empty seats. But it is them at all has not upset - already from the first songs juvenile young ladies have begun to light not on - children`s.

the Best Russian actor, according to the European site MTV EMA, has appeared on a scene with hour delay. Just when already it was time to half of hall to look Good night, kids! and to go to bed. By the way, children with colours in a hall has gathered, as for September, first. Despite interdictions of organizers to go on a hall, already to the third song schoolboys occupied all approaches to a scene with posters in hands. Little girls pulled out pages from school writing-books and were built in turn behind autographs. Those whom Dima has not had time to make happy, there and then bitterly sobbed and writhed in hysterics.

For two hours of performance the star boy has had time to please admirers with hits known for all Never Let You Go   Impossible it is possible On the bank of the sky Believe me Number One Fan to execute some songs from a new album Against rules about hundred times to jump up on a scene, to replace three T-shirts and to drink some bottles of mineral water. Probably, from - that in a hall there were many children, Dima did not begin to undress this time, only has few times lifted up a T-shirt, having bared a beefy suntanned torso.

to Communicate with the press neither to, nor after a concert Bilan has not wanted.

- Last two weeks I only also did that communicated with journalists, - have declared Dima, referring, probably, on an agiotage round it after delivery of award MTV EMA. - They have squeezed out of me all forces. It is possible, I will communicate today by means of songs?

the Concert has ended at night, but the most devoted fans even watched an hour for a substitute at office input TSKZ, hoping for the autograph and a photo with a star. But Bilan in an environment of security guards straight from a building has gone to the car, having told to little girls that on such pieces of paper it does not undersign.