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Against nizhegorodtsa, the killed one and wounded two guys criminal case

is brought According to the interlocutor, after commission of crime 41 - the summer suspect himself was in militia and has written an appearance from the guilty.

its indications coincide with words of the eyewitness of events which on Saturday evening talked with - NN . (Read more in detail: Nizhegorodets has shot one and two person) has sent in hospital.

According to this source, the suspect together with the wife had a rest in cafe. Four guys began to stick to pair, strong offending thus the companion of the man. That has in turn responded offenders.

further verbal skirmish has outgrown in fight. Guys began to beat cruelly the person. In the answer the suspect has snatched out a traumatic pistol and has made some shots.

under the specified data, one of attacking the man has got to a hand, to the second in a back. Them urgently hospitalised in hospital on duty, but soon have released home.

to the Third guy the bullet has entered into a temple. From the received wounds it has died on the spot.

in the meantime acquaintances of the victim assert that guys steels a victim of an attack.

- Lesha took away a pistol, protecting the friends, and was not involved at all in the developed conflict! - friends of the victim hold the ground. Is there was the kindest and good person! It is Lyoshke it is necessary to say thanks, that has rescued the others!

- this man in cafe was one, and accordingly, anybody from guys did not offend any woman! - the friend of the victim confirms. - and for some time before shooting guys already had a conflict to this person. It was drunk. But then all managed to be solved words. And here shots

were soon distributed