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continues competition. Every day on our site we publish a new question and 4 variants of the answer to it. The one who will respond the first, will manage a prize - a subscription to a weekly journal - the fatty for January, 2010!

Yesterday the visitor of our site Yermolin`s Anna became the winner, she has responded the first that theatre Vahtangova has opened a premiere the Miracle of sacred Anthony .
it was simple to Find the answer, besides it is very interesting - I so much new have learnt! And in addition also the girl-friend on I will sign, she buys every Thursday your newspaper! - we have phoned to the winner.

In 1913 the first volume " has been published; In search of lost time Marseilles Proust, one of the most considerable writers of the XX-th century. From   what quantity   volumes the cycle " consists; In search of lost time ?

1. 4,
2. 5,
3. 6,
4. 7.

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