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The British tourists who have got stuck on the Russian ice breaker, are not exposed to any danger

On Monday, on November, 16th, it became known that on got stuck in ices of Antarctic the ice breaker Captain Hlebnikov there are no unforeseen situations. Every other day - another weather will change, and the ship will continue a way. Tourists have been in advance warned that such is possible.

the Captain of the ice breaker Captain Hlebnikov Victor Vasilev - the skilled seaman who has made tens of the Antarctic expeditions. Therefore duration of this cruise will increase all by one - two days. And such is feature of the Antarctic tourism: passengers are always warned about possible delays of flight - the director of department of special fleet of Open Society " has declared; DVMP Vyacheslav Naganjuk.

Now in southern latitudes there has come spring, but ice has not thawed yet, therefore passage conditions can worsen, Especially at press winds .

From - for strengthenings of a wind to 20 metres per second and change of its direction on western, jugo - western around vessel mooring has accumulated a lot of ice. For the further free running it is necessary to wait changes of a direction and speed of a wind. And all goes to it. Already now speed of a wind makes five metres per second - has told Naganjuk.

Under data a press - services of Far East sea shipping company, the ice breaker has got stuck near severo - east extremity of Antarctic peninsula. There there is Snow`s island - Hill - one of noteworthy places of Antarctic.

This area is attractive snow-covered rocks and icebergs, it also is rich with fauna - penguins, kasatkami. Within reach of helicopter excursions are and some the polar stations which visitation also calls tourists immutable interest - have told in a press - service.

Dangers to ice breaker crew Captain Hlebnikov   and its passengers are not present, informs Interfax .

  Onboard there are British tourists,   nearby 100 persons, and a film crew of Bi - bi - si which collects a material for the next film about a planet.