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In Udmurtiya the drunk woman has beaten the employee of traffic police

In September of this year almost already the citizen of Mexico has arrived to Sarapul. Very much it would like to see the relatives and friends. This event, naturally, all have decided to note. Towards the end of a party when any more there was no sober, the sister foreigners has decided to show all the car which have bought the day before. However, it seemed to women to look at the car a little simply. They have sat down in the car and have gone to go for a drive on nice city streets. Having driven all some quarters, women were stopped by employees of traffic police.   one of them as it has appeared, did not have with themselves driving licence and documents. Then inspectors began to set the drunk driver in the car to make the corresponding report.   having seen it, the foreigner has rushed to the aid of the sister. It has rushed on the employee of traffic police and has scratched the face to it.   After that inspectors had to call help which have pacified   the woman. The history result is that: four offended inspectors of traffic police and terrible stress which has tested, in this fight, the candidate for trainees of inspectors. As informs SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across Udmurtiya,   now against foreigners criminal case which have directed with the bill of particulars to court is brought.