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From a scene of a Novosibirsk philharmonic society will execute a unique opera

the Opera Dobrynja Nikitich written by talented Russian composer Alexander Grechaninym without small 106 years ago, it was executed, and a scene only 2 times. The first time - in 1903 on a Bolshoi theatre scene, then it was remembered later by 105 years in St.-Petersburg. And here, in the third time the forgotten product will please Novosibirsk investigators, performed by Russian academic orchestra, choral ensemble Markellovy voices and soloists of the Novosibirsk opera.

- This time we will execute an opera Dobrynja Nikitich without scenic processing, i.e. singers, will simply stand on a scene in dress coats and dresses, - has told the art director and the main conductor of an orchestra, the music director of the project, the national actor of Russia Vladimir Gusev. - I Hope, we can shortly present Dobrynju Nikiticha In a variant more adapted for a scene a kind, that is speech does not go about high-grade statement, for example, at least to add suits and light.

Performance will take place on November, 18th in a chamber hall of a philharmonic society, the beginning in 18. 30. The price of the ticket 150 - 300 roubles.