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In America Scientists have created for the first time the first working universal quantum processor

have shown the device which can be considered as the universal processor for quantum calculations, its work can be programmed the same as also work of usual modern computers, however accuracy of such device still should be increased, is informed in article of researchers published in today`s release Nature Physics.

the Group of experts of National institute of standards and technologies of the USA has shown that the device developed by them is capable to performance of 160 various elementary computing problems that is why can be theoretically programmed on any calculations to which mathematicians cannot be risen, having on hand even the advanced supercomputers.

Works on creation of quantum computers are conducted already rather for a long time. Advantage of these computers, meanwhile only in the theory, improbable processing rate of the information which should allow them in the future is to solve problems, excessive even for the advanced supercomputers.

Basic difference of quantum computers from modern is use of so-called quantum bits, kubitov, instead of binary information reporting system in the form of 0 and 1. Kubity, unlike bits - individual cells of the information in modern computers - can not only be at the same time in two various statuses (0 and 1) but also to test a status of so-called quantum complication.

This status kubitov is shown that, being the divided big distances on which their any physical strengths any more do not connect, kubity behave as if between them there is any interaction, and state transition of one particle in system leads to natural state transition another.

This phenomenon remains till now in many respects mysterious for physicists - to scientists while do not know, how and with what speed there is an information transfer about a status of one particle to another, however nothing prevents to try to apply it it, being guided by long-term experience of supervision.

the Head of scientific group at institute David Vajnlend (David J. Wineland) and its command, in quality kubitov used the overcooled and loaded atoms of metal berillija - the ions kept in a so-called electromagnetic ionic trap. To operate kubitami and to read out from them the information scientists have learnt by means of impulses of the ultra-violet laser and a variation of electric pressure in a trap. Thus scientists have managed to start 160 casual various simple computing programs with participation of two kubitov, during calculations passing in a status of quantum complication, and as to read results of calculation. This work shows that the given quantum processor can be programmed for performance of any sort of calculations.

In our work we have shown for the first time the programmed quantum processor working with two kubitami. It is a step on a way to calculations with great number use kubitov and quantum processors - David Hanneki has explained (David Hanneke), the leading author of the publication, its word results a press - institute service.

That working out of scientists could be used in the present calculations, scientists still should raise accuracy of its work and to increase quantity used kubitov in the processor. Meanwhile accuracy of its work makes approximately 79 % that is caused by deviations in work of the lasers which radiation is exposed to multistage transformations before to get to the quantum processor. For real calculations it is necessary, that accuracy of work of lasers has allowed to achieve accuracy of work of the processor at least 99,99 %, informs RIA Novosti news agency .