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Warehouse of ammunition after state of emergency in Ulyanovsk will transfer for limits of Lipetsk?

on Friday, on November, 13th, in Zavolzhsky area of Ulyanovsk there was a state of emergency. In territory of warehouses of the Ministry of Defence of Russia the fire has begun, and then on ammunition (as it was then found out, on air have flied up two - three cars of shells) all night long blew up. Two persons were lost, more than sixty have got wounds.

Some days after the Minister of Defence have declared that will prepare the offer on a conclusion of military warehouses from territories of cities in safe places. Even there was an information on quantity of arsenals which are located near to big cities - them ostensibly 78.

has found out that one of such potentially dangerous objects is in Lipetsk is 63 - j an arsenal of the Ministry of Defence of Russia. It is located in settlement vicinities Country. It not the centre of Lipetsk, but rather occupied area which enters into city line.

arsenal Work is connected with Maintenance of military security . In territory shops on manufacturing and recycling of explosives and a warehouse on their storage are located.

On questions on, a leah probably in Lipetsk repetition of the Ulyanovsk tragedy and a leah are going to transfer a warehouse to more safe place, the military unit and arsenal management has refused to respond.

- We are not authorised to offer an explanation without the sanction of the higher heads. It in Moscow, in the Ministry of Defence. Call there, - military men have declared.

In the Minister of Defence have responded that will solve a question on carrying over of an arsenal from Lipetsk only after in them will carry investigations.

- Now there passes check of all potentially dangerous objects about their conformity to safety requirements. Specially created commissions will draw the conclusion already in the near future, - have explained in a press - service of the Ministry of Defence.