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84 Tula militiamen have gone to business trip to the Chechen Republic

On Saturday evening 84 Tula militiamen   have gone in Nozhaj - Jurtovsky area of the Chechen Republic. It is necessary to guards   to draw duty as a part of time operative grouping of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Among the problems put before employees of law-enforcement bodies - public order protection in area and rendering assistance to local militiamen. Business trip of inhabitants of Tula within six months will last.

- We already drew duty there and here, after a year break, again we take up in Nozhaj - Yurtas, near to border with Dagestan, - Sergey Matveev,   was converted to subordinates; the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs on the Tula area . - I hope that all our employees with honour will fulfil an office duty and will return live and healthy.

- From the Tula earth uezhaet   Group of employees of law-enforcement bodies to fulfil the constitutional duty and to protect the rights of citizens of the Russian Federation. Always the Tula militia with honour carried out tasks in view, - addressed   guards Alexey Korablyov,   vitse - the governor of the Tula area.