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Petersburgers want to live in Moscow

Petersburgers much more actively and more mobile Muscovites. For example, inhabitants of Northern capital faster and is easier agree to move to live and work to other city - every fourth expert is ready to moving in the agriculture sphere, every fifth in sphere of strategic development and every seventh among workers of the industry and state employees. To such conclusion representatives of the personnel companies of a city on Neva have come.

the realtors who are engaged in transactions in the markets of both capitals agree With personnel officers also. So, the share moving to Moscow makes of Petersburg 65   percent   from all similar transactions whereas from Moscow in Northern capital 35 percent move. So Moscow remains till now for Petersburgers a dream city.

Though Northern capital slowly but surely wins popularity from capital. In our city there are offices of the large companies (for example, motor-car manufacturers) and lower prices for real estate in comparison with Moscow.