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In Petersburg lives most of all beautiful girls

In a past week-end to organizers of competition Ms. Russia it was necessary popotet. In two large shopping centres of Petersburg passed   selection tours for Petersburgers. In total courageous girls it was typed 15 in the first day and 28 - in the second. As has learnt, most of all to the people   it is expected in Kazan - nearby 80 persons. And so on the average on 20 - 30 persons.

- But has put not in quantity, and in quality, - has explained PR - the director of competition Ms. Russia Ekaterina Shervarli. - we are pleasantly surprised: in Petersburg really lives most of all beauties. Sometimes and from 80 - ti to choose there is nobody, and here simply eyes run up.

it is valid, run up. At all beauties - growth not less than 175 centimetres, weight - mutton, and feet from ears.

Katya has noticed the next beauty in crowd and has resolutely gone to it with tailor`s centimetre.

- Yes I not the professional model, - uncertainly admitted Xenia Poljansky, 20 - summer student INZHEKONa. - All some months as began to be engaged in it. And here the girl-friend has advised to come.

- Anything, at us half of pretenders - not models, - has calmed the organizer.

At Xenia parametres have appeared almost ideal: growth - 182, a chest of 83 sm, a waist - 61, and hips - 96. It is interesting that thus Xenia at all does not look a dried vobla all rotundities - on a place where they also should be.

When Xenia have put on a small black dress - the firm dress konkursantok Ms. of Russia and 15 - centimetric heels, its growth also has at all read off scale. And on a podium girls went in bright dresses.

- We have specially brought the whole wardrobe trunk of design dresses and footwear, - organizers have explained. - in the plane there was a weight excess.

And here who had a real excess of weight, but a growth lack, it was necessary to get rid softly.

- the girl of 1 metre of 50 sm Came, - organizers admitted. - but they it is more simple so are interested, than really on something count. And what for they are vain for encouraging?  

All jury will drive on 86 regions. From each city on the preending will select on some persons. And on the ending, it, actually, and competition next year, there will arrive 50 persons.   and only one will put on a crown.

Look photos from a casting