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In December in Irkutsk Boris Eifman`s ballet troupe

will act as Sankt - the Petersburg state academic theatre of ballet under the direction of Boris Eifman will arrive with tours   to Irkutsk. On it has informed a press - service of the government of region. Such offer is made by the minister of culture of the Russian Federation Alexander Avdeev in conversation with the head of region. Tours of troupe, world-renowned, will take place presumably in December, 2009. The performance program is specified.

Dmitry Mezentsev has expressed gratitude to Alexander Avdeev for support and attention to Angarski Krai:

- Tours of the well-known collectives in Angarski Krai become good tradition.
forthcoming arrival of theatre of Boris Eifman - remarkable event for region, the present feast for judges of ballet art, - was underlined by the Governor.

the Inquiry:
the Theatre of Ballet of Boris Eifman has a world recognition, acts with tours on the most prestigious platforms of America, Europe, Asia. He on a ballet scene was converted by the first to F. M.Dostoevsky`s creativity, having put performances   the Idiot on music of the Sixth concordance of P.Tchaikovsky, Karamazovy on S.Rakhmaninov, R.Wagner and M.Musorgsky`s music. In theatre repertoire unique statements:   Tchaikovsky   Quixote, or Imaginations of the madman Red Giselle on P.Tchaikovsky, Z.Bize and A.Shnitke`s music, performance My Jerusalem which first part is put on music the Requiem mass Mozart.