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The Kazan bears have celebrated anniversary

15 - letie from the date of the basis in a past week-end the Kazan group " has noted; the Godforsaken place . In a direction folk - fate or etno - folk as musical critics sometimes name their style, it is one of the most known and successful commands not only in Tatarstan, but also in Russia.

Congratulations from hundreds admirers and colleagues - musicians jubiljary in accepted on Saturday in club Mayakovsky. A yellow jacket . As gifts to birthday men - a house pie (it fans from Samara have brought), unimaginable on heat of emotions an impromptu from Kamrada Listkova and group Volga - Volga and old kind songs it of the coryphaeus domestic the bard of culture of Andrey Kozlovsky.

For 15 summer history the group structure repeatedly changed, and each time their sounding got all new and new paints. At an anniversary concert the majority of songs Bears have executed together with Vladimir Kozhekinym (earlier they   repeatedly acted   at various musical festivals) is one of few Russian musicians,   so   masterly owning game technics   on a harmonica. Instead of so a long time in structure   the Corner there was a person playing many national tools and fine owning throat singing - Alexander Batrakov. It also has arrived on a concert to wish children happy birthday.

  - To us to see very pleasant today all those who was with us 15 years ago when we only started to play. All those who helped us to rise on feet - has told during a concert the ideological inspirer of collective Michael Vyrin (the author of the majority of songs). About what they? About love, about spring, that will always live eternally

the First hits the Godforsaken place created on a recreation centre scene Railwaymen in settlement Judino. From here and the collective name - by a principle of removal from capital. Now as a part of collective four musicians: the Novel Valiullin (drums perkussija), Andrey Sidorov (an accordion, a vocal, notopis) - public has christened for a long time already its most sexual akkordeonistom Russia, Sergey Kargin (a bass - a guitar) and Michael Vyrin (songs, a vocal, a guitar, perkussija). Behind shoulders of musicians three let out an album ( heat Dose Songs of the rivers Steppes among ) and weight of creative plans.