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Russian does not give in yet in Lithuania

Despite persecutions Russian on - former remains popular among inhabitants of the Baltic States.  

So, in Lithuania it own 2/ 3 population, and understand 9 of 10 inhabitants.

It on a hand of Russia, wishing to strengthen the influence in the Baltic States - political scientist Nerijus Maljukjavichjus voices the fears.

In spite of the fact that pupils at the Lithuanian schools choose Russian the second or third foreign language, he loses while to English language that that in the Baltic country give not enough attention to education in Russian " allows an occasion to the Kremlin to complain; - the political scientist considers.

he has stated Such supervision in the international research Humanitarian aspects of the Russian world policy in Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and the Baltic States .

Russia, in its opinion, in this region has a real superiority for the several objective reasons: residing of Russian-speaking citizens in this territory, popularity of Russian mass culture, prevalence of Orthodoxy. But the main reason helping the Kremlin to keep the influence in the Baltic States, is language.

On the statistican in Lithuania in Russian tell 64 % of Lithuanians and 79 % of Poles, and on Lithuanian - 66 % of Russian and 62 % of Poles. The second foreign language which is chosen more often by Russian and Lithuanians are English (accordingly 18 % and 16 %). Poles, except a native language, is better know Russian (77 %). The political scientist named this tendency not so calming.

in general, in Russian in Lithuania tell 60 %, in Latvia - less than 44 %, in Estonia - 42 % of the population. English language is better citizens of Estonia (25 %) own. In Lithuania of only 17 %, in Latvia - 14 %.

Pupils in Lithuania, after a native language first of all choose studying of English, French or German languages. Which - where suggest to study and the third foreign language.

According to the science and education Ministry, this year Russian children choose more often as the second, and sometimes and as the third foreign language. Nevertheless, more and more children study English language, and a separation between them and those who has chosen Russian - increases.

Leaning against this fact, last year fund Russian World has regarded Lithuania as the country where Russian has appeared in the worst situation on the post-Soviet territory. Better to say, the youth here not only does not know Russian, but also does not show any initiative to its studying.

the Number of Russian schools in Lithuania is constantly reduced. At present in the country work 1228 Lithuanian, 68 Polish and 34 Russian schools. In 1990 - 1991 of the Polish schools was only 44, and Russian 85, the information portal ru informs. DELFI. lt.