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Vladimir Filat will accept citizens every Monday month

the Prime minister - minister Vladimir Filat will spend receptions every Monday month. Such is one of decision positions about the organisation of the enrolments of citizens, confirmed by the government.

enrolment of citizens at vitse - prime minister Iona Negrej responsible for co-ordination of social sphere, will be spent each first Monday of month, and vitse - prime minister Victor Osipov responsible for realisation politicians on reintegratsii of the country, will spend receptions every Monday month.

days of reception at vitse - a premiere, Minister of Economics Valery Lazera and vitse - a premiere, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Yury Ljanke`s European integration will be established according to reception programs in the corresponding ministries - that is each first and third Monday of month.

the State minister Victor Bodju will accept citizens every Monday   month.

in the specified governmental decree makes a reservation that ministers and heads of other structures of the central administration will accept citizens everyone the first and every Monday month, the deputy minister and assistants to heads of other central administrative bodies - each first and second Monday of month, and heads and assistants to heads of structural divisions - every Tuesday and Thursday, agree to the working program.

the account and consideration of petitions of citizens will be under strict control, and results of consideration of petitions will be regularly discussed. The annual information by these results, according to governmental decree positions, should be represented to the government till January, 20th of the year following after fiscal year.