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Maternity home on quay will close

Today, on November, 12th, doctors of clinical hospital 1 on work were waited by unpleasant news. In the official image the city administration has notified doctors that to summer of 2010 their hospital will be disbanded: akusherskoe the branch will move in regional perinatalnyj the centre, the gynecologic branch in January will pass to a medical medical unit the Autodiesel engine and therapeutic will join a medical medical unit of Shinnogo of factory.

certainly, doctors are stifled. In maternity hospital about 400 physicians, many, for example, work - more than ten years. It is literally just in a building have made repair, have delivered the new equipment, and now from the updated and decorated place of work it is necessary to move down, collectives will break up, friends will be divided. The only thing that encourages workers of hospital, - will expel nobody on the street, all doctors will take place in other establishments. Andrey Shoshin, the director of department of public health services of the mayoralty of Yaroslavl, has promised in TV channel NTM plot that will personally disassemble business of each medical worker.

Such measure as liquidation of the whole hospital, is called by that it had a young and strong competitor - under construction regional perinatalnyj the centre. When the centre will open, the old maternity home will appear simply is not necessary. From 6 thousand the kids who are born in Yaroslavl for year, new regional maternity home will accept almost all - 5 thousand as informs City TV channel. As soon as will open perinatalnyj the centre in the summer, the maternity hospital on quay will stop the existence.