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Conditional term and the fine have punished nizhegorodtsa, crippled surgeon

Citizen Z. By autofactory district court it is sentenced to 1 year of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period in 1 year and to the penalty at a rate of 5 thousand roubles.
the evil deeds the man has made on June, 29th this year about the half first o`clock in the morning in an accident ward 40 - oh hospitals where, being drunk, from all to a move sadanul a fist in the left temple to the doctor on duty.

as an occasion refusal of the surgeon to examine out of turn it sozhitelnitsu has served. From blow the doctor has fainted and has fallen, having hit thus about a floor a right hand. As a result the victim has received the closed crisis 5 - oh pjastnoj bones of the right brush with displacement, concussion of a brain and a forehead bruise.

- the medical personnel of hospital has called employees of GU OVO at the Department of Internal Affairs on Autofactory area, - have informed - NN in regional Office of Public Prosecutor. - Militiamen have asked citizen Z to behave decently, but that in the answer has obscenely cursed employees of the law and order in especially cynical form.

for it, and also for a tresspass to health to the doctor, employees of private security have detained the man and delivered in department. Later against citizen Z have filed criminal charges.