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Under forecasts the CART, during an epidemiological season/ H1N1 will have been ill with flu A 30 percent of the population of Kyrgyzstan

Under World Health Organization forecasts, during an epidemiological season with flu A/ H1N1 30 percent of the population of Kyrgyzstan " will have been ill; - has declared news agency 24. kg the chief of department epidnadzora Department sanepidnadzora Ministries of Health KR Zuridin Nurmatov.

As he said, there is a big risk of disease of 1 million 560 thousand persons for 4 months epidsezona. From them hospitalisation is required to 10 percent, or 156 thousand persons. Thus in republic is all 27 thousand cots. It turns out that at us in KR it will not be simple to suffice cots, medicines, doctors as physicians will be ill too - Zuridin Nurmatov speaks.

As the chief of department marks, 41 case of disease is at present registered by this kind of a flu. It is necessary to notice that the number of persons which were ill with flu A/ H1N1 daily increases, without having contacts or communications with visitors. Such from total number already 7 persons. Such negative tendency allows to assume that this type of a flu already walks among the population of Kyrgyzstan, the number of patients will grow only. It is necessary to notice that disease cases a seasonal flu and ORVI already have now increased. So, if in September - October it is registered about 1 thousand 700 cases only on the end of October - the beginning of November their number has reached about 3 thousand persons. There is a high probability that at laboratory inspection will come to light that they are sick not of a seasonal flu, and flu A/ H1N1. Under our forecasts, the peak of disease is necessary for December - January, 2010 - Zuridin Nurmatov adds.

As he said, danger of flu A/ H1N1 consists that the person though time having contact to the patient, will necessarily be ill as at all has no immunity against it. Seasonal vaccination against a flu will not rescue, and the vaccine from flu A/ H1N1 will arrive to the country only by the end of December. Nevertheless today in all regional, regional hospitals the preparation " is delivered; Tamiflju which will be passed gratuitously in case of check in sick of flu A/ H1N1. Today all efforts of physicians and the population should be directed on strengthening of immunity against this disease. For this purpose it is necessary to observe simple rules: not to overcool, have a rest, eat correct food, to drink more liquids and so on - Zuridin Nurmatov adds.