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The Barnaul walruses in Ulyanovsk will try to put a world record

Barnaul   walruses are known for a long time already outside of Altay territory: they more than once participated in every possible Russian competitions and actions. But here now strong Siberian men have decided to prove, as a world record it on a shoulder.   sportsmen should float under the greatest Russian bridge which will open in Ulyanovsk on November, 26th:

- All in a heat will take part more than 30 walruses from all Russia, and mass character of a heat and becomes our demand for a record, - Alexander ZELENETSKY, the chairman of the Altay regional public organisation " has told ; Marathon winter swimming Polar bears . - Our corner of the world will be represented by 4 persons, including I.

by the way, it is primary in Ulyanovsk the bridge planned to open on November, 21st. But in connection with a fire and explosions in warehouses of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation near Ulyanovsk to the past Friday bridge opening have transferred (read In Zavolzhsky area of Ulyanovsk explosions proceeded all night long ). Therefore the Russian walruses will try to set up a record a bit later.