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The Moldavian businessmen have gone to India

Group of the businessmen representing 11 companies of a various profile, is   14 - on November, 20th with a business trip to Nju - Delhi. The trip is organised   Trading - industrial chamber of Republic Moldova.

in this time the Moldavian businessmen will visit on   the major       in India   to fair INDIA INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR which this year will take place in 29 - j time.

according to the head of department of external relations and the international cooperation of TPP Mihaja Bylby, the trip purpose - acquaintance to the most advanced innovations,   the new goods and commodity markets, an establishment of direct cooperation with manufacturers of the goods and services, discussion concrete   offers   about cooperation with the purpose of creation of joint ventures.

on laying ahead in Nju - Delhi   its participants will present to fair   Various assortment of the goods and services, for example, consumer goods, building materials, furniture for a bathroom, to the sanitary technician, the building equipment and technologies, the industrial equipment, communications mediums,   foodstuff,   agricultural production, agricultural machinery and the equipment, raw materials     for packing,   cars and   products of machine-building branch.

fair will pass under the aegis of the Organization on advancement of trade of India subordinated   to the government of this country.

the Moldavian businessmen will visit fair in Nju - Delhi in the second time. For the first time they have visited on it with a business trip in 2006.

according to National bureau of statistics, in January - September, 2009 India   entered into number   35 states - partners of Moldova in import. On the Moldavian market it is imported the Indian goods on 12,9 million dollars, or   74,2 % on comparison   with the same period of 2008.