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The governor of Stavropol Territory has commented on the message of the President of Russia

the Governor of edge Valery Gaevsky has commented on the Message of the President of the Russian Federation to Federal Meeting of the Russian Federation which he among other invited has listened in the Kremlin.

According to Valery Gaevsky: the Message of the President concentrates those thoughts and ideas which it already took out for public discussion and on which in a society inertia of rest is already broken. Thanks to article Russia, forward! thanks to the followed wide public discussion .

- We have heard again an appeal of the President to scale upgrade. Not only in economy, but also in socially - political sphere. As has sounded - it is a question of survival rate of our country in the modern world . We have heard also a new message to overcoming of century illnesses about which the President already wrote, - corruption, bureaucracy, humiliating raw dependence. Upgrade and overcoming problems zastarevshih problems will mobilise a society and the state. They can be solved only combined efforts, - the governor of Stavropol Territory Valery Gaevsky has told.

the Separate subject of the Message - a situation in the North Caucasus. To it we, for the clear reasons, especially listened. we will do the utmost, that life of people in the North Caucasus was safe the President has told and has expressed irreconcilability to those who will disturb or disturbs to it.

the Calmness and well-being at our neighbours - in North Caucasian republics is an unconditional blessing and for us, stavropoltsev. Stavropol Territory is ready to offer the projects in that investment list with which the President has puzzled the federal Government. Projects in business, power, resort and other spheres in the North Caucasus to which state support will be rendered will be defined. It, certainly, will recover business activity, will provide population employment, thereby - will strengthen socially - economic positions of regions of the South, will beat out soil from - under destructively adjusted forces. There will be also a concrete person, the official which will be personally responsible for Severo - the Caucasian region. And it too a step to situation normalisation.

One thought of the President for us is especially pleasant. It is idea of carrying out of the Vsekavkazsky scout camp. At us last year the summer interreligious camp for Muslim and orthodox youth has already been organised. We have already felt fruits of such forums. And in the spring I have given to Presidential Administration our offers on the youth policy in the North Caucasus. In them among other things it was told about expediency of such youth forums. The edge is ready to act for them as a platform.  

it is important for our agrarian edge and presidential vision of the future of this branch. Agriculture, - the President has told, - should become one of leaders of economic growth for years forward . I consider that at our village really high potential of competitiveness. How the exactly enough Stavropol peasants have worried crisis, it confirms once again.

As a whole I will note: to introduce innovations in thickness of an inert society, certainly, it is necessary liderskaja boldness. The strong political will, honesty and resoluteness in relation to problems of Russia is necessary. We have seen today and have heard that all it at our President is .