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In Novosibirsk agricultural fairs

proceed As already informed this year Novosibirsk endures the real exhibition boom. Really, still never in our city so much agricultural fairs were spent, and all of them, thus, used immutable popularity at townspeople. And with approach of colds of sale at all have not ended - before the end of the year novosibirtsy will have possibility stably to buy products at the prices of manufacturers.

- Fairs will pass on three platforms: Central and Leninsk the market and in the territory adjoining to the October market, - Larissa Jarkova has told the head of department on regulation of the consumer market and sphere of services. - every Saturday November and December novosibirtsy can get here meat, a bird, fish, milk, egg and other products at the prices on 10 - 15 % below the average prices in city shops.

As well as always, to participation in the expanded sales large regional agricultural manufacturers, farmers, the enterprises eating and process industry, consumer cooperation, personal part-time farms are invited.

As to fairs, will spend them from 10 o`clock till 16 o`clock. And all additional and the help information can be received by the following phones: (383 203 - 53 - 24, (383 223 - 35 - 78, (383 227 - 43 - 70, (383 227 - 43 - 78.

the Schedule of carrying out of city fairs

* Open Company the Lenin market street Plahotnogo, 2 - on November, 21st, on December, 12th;
*   Open Company the Central market Michurin`s street, 12 - on November, 28th, on December, 19th;  
* the Territory adjoining to Joint-Stock Company The October market street Leningrad, 75 -   on December, 5th, on December, 26th.