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In Kyrgyzstan the next mountain-skiing season

In Kyrgyzstan opens the next mountain-skiing season opens. Organizers of celebratory actions inform on it.

Under their data, the action prepared together with Association of foot tourism, will take place on November, 21st on base Too - Ashuu . The deputies, leading sportsmen and representatives of Association of foot tourism will take part In season opening. For visitors will pass competitions, and for skiers and snoubordistov - competitions.

But while Too - Ashuu prepares for season opening,   base   Karakol has already opened doors for visitors.   we   have arrived   early in the morning on Saturday, there was not so good weather, there was a rain, the sky was gloomy.   but snow was! And it was the most important thing. On the night of Sunday there was a blizzard, and for the morning we were waited by a virgin soil! otkatalis it is remarkable! Thanks base Karakol - rasskazyvat Victoria Talovsky - Truth I nevertheless to itself has saddened the beginning of a season, on Saturday has fallen with neprivychki, has hurt a neck. Now I go with plaster on a neck, but all the same I want again in mounts.