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On small river in the Barrow the goat

Two inhabitants of the Barrow has sunk have decided to reduce a way and directly on ice to pass through the river Tobol. Behind them on a rope the house goat trudged. As soon as women have approached to coast, the animal beginning to rest. To go into ice a goat did not want. But women have insisted on the. And it is literally in several metres from coast all three have failed under ice.

One of women (younger, to it of 39 years) could get out of water. And here another (to it almost 60) together with a goat with the last bit of strength floundered in water when to the aid it the passer-by has come casual.

- Vitaly Popov has connected belts and has thrown to the sinking lady, - have told to us in a press - service GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on Kurgan area. - the woman has seized for them, but could not get out. However has held on over water before arrival of rescuers. And here a goat it was not possible to rescue. It has carried away a strong current.

Here and you, our reader, do not rely on bravery of others, so far as concerns such venture, as walk on not strong ice.


- any exit on ice at this time year is dangerous. A safe thickness of ice for one person   -   7 sm, for   a two - from 16 sm, for group of people the thickness of ice should not be less than 22 sm;

- avoid dark stains on ice are places where ice very thin and the probability to fail is great;

- especially fragile ice   happens at bushes, trees, stones, in places of dump of sewage, at hydraulic engineering constructions.