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In the Chelyabinsk cafes has appeared the Menu against a flu

When at the Chelyabinsk restaurants for the first time has appeared the fast menu for visitors, this innovation was in wonder. Though capital with such customer care was not to surprise any more. But now even to the Moscow public caterings not to surpass Chelyabinsk as regards a creative. In coffee houses the Skin and pizzerias the Tomato have printed the new menu where the special section " has entered; Against a flu . It basically includes drinks.

- We use forgotten, but effective recipes of national medicine, - the Center of Hospitality EUROPE informs. - So we in the menu had a milk with honey by which our grandmothers and grandfathers were treated for all prostudnyh diseases still. Is medical sbiten with cinnamon a carnation and ginger, mulled wine with a dried peel of a lemon and spices, limonno - imbirnyj a berry juice and other.

In all drinks The menu from a flu natural components are used only. For example, ginger possesses bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. Honey and a carnation soften a throat and weaken cough. The lemon is a present well of vitamin C and R, helps to restore forces of an organism and a vitality. And the antioxidants containing in red wine, help to struggle with the viruses calling a cold.

If the flu will be and further so to behave with brutality into place head cook just right to invite national doctor Gennady Malakhov.