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Why the Voronezh high schools are not closed on quarantine

past Friday, on November, 13th,   in city   education management has been signed the order on closing of schools from - for a flu for 10 days since Monday. Such decision was accepted after the writ of the Main state health officer across the Voronezh region to suspend educational process (read the Flu epidemic in Voronezh: since Monday all schools, high schools and professional schools will close on quarantine ) .

However some schools on Monday all - taki have opened. The management of educational institutions has explained this fact to what not   to all parents of junior school pupils   during week-end   it was possible to phone. As a result of mum and the father have resulted the   children in school, despite begun   quarantine.

With high schools business is where more difficult.   business in   volume that the writ   about their closing has only recommendatory character. That is in   higher educational institutions the management itself solves -   to be closed on   quarantine or not. Now many   city institutes any more do not work, others, in which level   diseases it is low, continue employment. Quarantine in higher educational institutions will be over the weekend, but will be if necessary prolonged.