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In Voronezh will pass festival Victory Salute!

from December, 1 till December, 3rd in Voronezh will pass the second stage of the All-Russia festival of national creativity Victory Salute on the Central federal district. The national forum is devoted 65 - letiju Victories in the Great Patriotic War.

Its first stage, regional, started in February, 2008 in Volgograd.   in the Voronezh region regional festival actions have taken place in March - April of this year, in them participated more than five thousand amateur actors. The best   the dramatized programs of a steel the Victory Price Vorobyovsky r - on, There is such earth... Bogucharsky area, a Cantata singed by war Kalacheevsky r - on, war has not extinguished Fire of love Bobrovsky of area.

Now in the beginning of December in capital of Chernozem region amateur actors from all Central federal district will gather. Participants of festival will show concert programs, exhibitions graphic will work and is decorative - applied creativity,   photoarts Victory Territory . They also can exchange experience in creative laboratories.

Solemn opening of festival will take place on December, 1st in 11. 00 at drama theatre of a name of Koltsov.

In 12. 00 display of competitive programs of the Voronezh region will begin. In 15. 00 creativity will be shown by actors Orlovskooj of area, in 18. 00 - Tambov. On December, 2nd in 12. 00 collectives of the Bryansk region, in 15 will act. 00 - Belgorod, in 18. 00 - Kursk. On December, 3rd in 12. 00 program will present lipchane.

the Exhibition of works of amateur artists and masters decoratively - applied art Prostration to you, Great, salute to you, Victory! will open on December, 1st in a museum it.   Kramsky.

Photo-exhibition - competition Victory Territory will begin the work on December, 2nd in Showroom on Kirov, 8.

Solemn closing of a national forum will take place on December, 3rd in 17. 00 hours at drama theatre of Koltsov. Winners of II stage of the All-Russia festival of national creativity Victory Salute will take part in actions of III final stage which will pass in Moscow in 2010.