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Sergey Mironov`s train Petersburger Sergey Mironov in a native city has struck the car with the child

happens often, and always - accompanied by employees of Federal Agency of protection. The order is that. But past Saturday this circumstance has led to failure.

Evgenie Zender went across Moskovsky prospectus on the jeep - Toyota . Behind in a children`s armchair her son Sasha - to the child of all year and ten months sat. Having seen coming nearer train with the included flashers, the woman was reconstructed to the right, passing the speaker with retinue. But suddenly one of escort cars has wagged, has struck on a tangent of a car Evgenies and has dashed away further. At Toyotas it has appeared the forward wing, but the main thing is hurt - the boy very was frightened. Number Mercedes FSO Zender has remembered.

Under the version Evgenies, it easy went, touched nobody, and all fault in road accident lies on the security guard. However in Sergey Mironov`s environment adhere to other point of view:

- Toyota wagged here and there and could run at any moment into the car with the protected person. Therefore employee FSO has substituted the board under the dangerous car. Why the car wagged? As it seemed to us, the woman - the driver spoke by a mobile phone.

However, Zender denies that during failure to someone talked.

- the conversation Fact can be easily established, - Sergey Mironov Vladimir Vasilev`s going in that train the adviser believes. - for this purpose it is enough to bodies of inquiry to make an inquiry to the operator of mobile communication. After all road accident time is known to within a minute.

However, there was soon a message that in the car which was accompanied by a train, Sergey Mironov was not. But then it is not clear, employees FSO what for were necessary. Really, to protect the adviser of the speaker of the Federation Council?

- I do not make comments, was or there was no Mironov in the car, - Vasilev cut off. - But with the suffered woman I have communicated, have asked, a leah is necessary to it the help. After all irrespective of, the rights it or not, it has appeared in not ordinary situation and very much worries. At that employee FSO who has made arrival on Toyota too an array of problems: I know that he has already written a heap of the explanatory. And on a broader scale I as the professional psychologist am afraid that noise round this failure can lead to that FSO will be afraid to operate resolutely and so should not be.

In the meantime

Sergey Mironov has confirmed that was in the car, but about failure has learnt later, from the Internet. In the blog it has apologised before Evgeniej Zender: Participants of this incident - representatives of FSO Severo - the Western region, providing my support. I have asked them to make to you of an apology. For itself has made decision to refuse from services of FSO Severo - the Western region during visits to Petersburg. Sincerely I regret about happened .