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Gazovik - Southern Ural Mountains - 1:2

In a repeated match   on native ice wards of Mishata Fahrutdinova have conceded in an overtime to Southern Ural Mountains from Orsk - 1:2. In the first meeting to become successful, three periods - 2:1 have sufficed visitors.

performed by a local team in opposition with orchanami fans and have not seen Entertainment game. Rivals have offered on court of public viscous hockey with abundant of power struggle, passes a press - command service.

though, the match beginning has turned out optimistical. Already on the second minute in the majority Anatoly Vasilev has caused a stir. However to develop success Gazoviku it was not possible. Gradually game was levelled. Goalkeepers of both commands worked for a two, but the washer did not go to gate. Both after the first, and after the second the periods of an abacus has not changed - 1:0 in advantage tjumentsev.

for them last minute the third piece became fatal. southern Ural Mountains It was fiercely torn to Alexander Sudnitsina`s collars. The young goalkeeper Gazovika battled, as a lion, but a throw in Oleg Marzoeva`s emphasis was unable master. When orchane have joyfully thrown up upwards hands, to a siren remains five seconds
In an overtime visitors remained in minority, but have stood. Public already anticipated a series bullitov, as attacking Southern Ural Mountains Alexander Mereskin poverg it in shock. Local hockey players     have forgotten the forward blizi   the pjatachka...