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Theatre-goers sneeze on epidemic

Under the information a press - services of the government of area, among prime - introduction of restrictions on carrying out of mass, cultural and sports actions, especially in the closed premises. Their realisation is under emergency response centre control on preparation for a flu pandemic in territory of the Kirov region which is headed by Nikita Belyh.
we have rung round some cinemas and city theatres. But there about an innovation of the governor hear for the first time.
- to stop theatre Activity we do not plan. Any official orders in this respect to us did not arrive, - the theatre director on Spassky Vladimir Gribanov has declared.
Under the latest data from Rospotrebnadzora, the epidemiological threshold makes 62,3 %. In total on a city of 5311 persons were ill with sharp respiratory diseases. Including 96 persons - a flu.
- in a city epidemic has begun, - Lyudmila Ovchinnikova, the deputy confirms The chief of epidemiological department of management of Rospotrebnadzora across the Kirov region. - the decision of the governor about restriction of mass actions carries now a binding character. It concerns both night clubs, and theatres, and cinemas.