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It is forbidden to Kuzbass druggists to rise in the price on protivovirusnye preparations

Heads of the enterprises of the chemist`s network, pricing out on protivovirusnye preparations, will be exposed to the administrative sanction - disqualification for the term up to three years.

As Marina Kulebjakina has noted the chief of department of the prices and tariffs AKO, by results of monitoring of the prices for anti-virus medical products for last week took place, both reduction of prices, and their growth.

In chemist`s systems of Joint-Stock Company the Edelweiss Joint-Stock Company the medicine World the rise in prices has averaged 5 %, and   on separate protivovirusnye preparations has reached 15 %.

In this connection the governor has demanded from heads of the pharmaceutical enterprises of wholesale and retail trade not to suppose a rise in prices on protivovirusnye preparations. The rise in prices facts will be checked carefully up by experts of department of the prices and tariffs, in case of their groundlessness heads will be inflicted to administrative punishment. Also he has underlined that control over pricing in the pharmaceutical market will be continued, have informed in a press - service AKO.