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In Omsk on two women wires from a trolley bus

state of emergency have fallen has occurred around a trading complex the Cascade in the eleventh o`clock in the morning. Kamaz with the huge container, driving under Marx`s prospectus, has hooked on a trolleybus contact network. The wire from all force has struck on to Mercedes which moved near to a waggon. In a foreign car two men went for work.

- We have heard knock, - Edward Barbarjan tells . - have then seen that on the car case the wire from a trolleybus network has walked. It was necessary to stop to look, a leah all is perfectly in order with the car. It has appeared that on Mercedes a heap of scratches! We were horrified!

the Wire has scratched Mercedes, and women

the Driver of the truck, probably then injured, has noticed nothing and continued to move further. When it has reached to a crossroads with Tsiolkovsky`s street, the wire has flied from the container and has struck two women who stood at a traffic light.

- Both of them have fallen to the ground, - the psychologist under abnormal condition - a life-saving service Evgenie Budzinsky tells . - One woman blow has had in neck area. And the second has suffered more: the wire has got to it directly on the person and rassek an eyebrow.


In some minutes there has arrived first aid and has taken away victims in city hospital 1. To one woman of 67 years and at it brain concussion. And another approximately 34 years.

to repair wires, on a scene there have arrived two cars emergency slzhby. It is not known Yet, on whose fault happens to state of emergency.

On a place of state of emergency repairmen
the Photo work: Natalia VOJTOVA