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In Irkutsk Chubays has scarified scientists

Today, on November, 27th, the head of state corporation ROSNANO Anatoly Chubays has taken part in session of the government of the Irkutsk region on which questions of innovative development were discussed.

acting with the report at session, Anatoly Chubays has underlined that the science is a way of transformation of money in knowledge, and the innovative economy is already transformation of knowledge to money. Therefore at each high school affiliated companies should be created. And, if in Irkutsk 36 high schools operate, that, according to head ROSNANO, in December in a city should appear 300 small innovative companies.

- If you the senior lecturer, and at you is not present business why the hell you on a broader scale are necessary to me! - trying to explain once again feature of a new course on upgrade, Anatoly Borisovich has not sustained. - the Teacher, not capable to create business, calls into question into the professionalism.

Meanwhile, Anatoly Chubays has noted perspectivity of Angarski Krai in the field of development nanotehnology and solar power.
- Irkutsk can become the centre of a domestic silicon valley, - he has told.