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The Hungarian physicians try to rescue wounded men the university marksman students

to Troy students, wounded during execution at Technical university of the Hungarian city of Pech, remain on care of physicians of city hospital, and one of young men is in a critical status.

Physicians have withdrawn five bullets from its body, operation lasted seven hours.

we Will remind, the day before during lecture at university one of students suddenly has begun to scorch from a pistol on fellow students. It has shot one and three person has hard wounded. Then has voluntary surrendered polices. It has appeared, the young man had the right to weapon storages - he was engaged some years in shooting and was a member of sports shooting club.

That has pushed 23 - the summer student to arrange bloody execution in audience while it is not known. Now the marksman gives police evidences.   The university administration named this incident by tragedy for all Hungary.

And in the evening on Thursday about a university building where there was a tragedy, some thousand young men and girls with candles in hands have gathered. They have expressed trouble on the victim and have wished recover wounded companions, passes RIA Novosti news agency.

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