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In Izhevsk the expert of the City administration

is denounced Recently, the Sovereign court of Udmurtiya has left a sentence of court with which the leading expert of the City administration of Izhevsk by Ildar Karimov is denounced without changes. He is denounced for two years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period for three years. It appears, in September, 2008 against one of heads of the Izhevsk enterprise   have filed criminal charges. As it has appeared, the director simply evaded from payment of taxes. During the investigation police officers have withdrawn   at it property and money resources for the sum more than 2,5 million roubles.   however,   the director of the enterprise has not wanted to be reconciled with this fact.   he was converted to the acquaintances, which, in turn left on the defendant Karimova . The man   ostensibly well knew the chief of department on investigation of tax crimes across Udmurtiya. On what Ildar Karimov has told lies to the victim that there is a possibility to return the withdrawn property. But only it is necessary to bribe the police officer in the sum of 150 thousand roubles.   suffered such variant it was pleasant and he has agreed.   but only before bribing, the director has informed about all in FSB of Russia across Udmurtiya.   as soobshchaetprokuratura Ur, and already during transfer of 150 thousand roubles Karimov has been detained.