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In Astrakhan car thieves, escaping from a pursuit, have flown in a monument

Incident has happened one of these days in Astrakhan. Group of car thieves trying to disappear from police officers pursuing them, has not managed to drive the stolen car. The car has taken off after the journey and has rammed a pedestal of monument recently established in city centre to the Kazakh poet Kurmangazy Sagyrbaevu.

  This scene was fixed by one of chambers of street video observation of system the Safe city . The person driving the Zhiguli in the end of street has not made even attempt to curtail or stop. The car has punched a protection and ran into a monument. Car thieves were rescued only by steps before a monument, there will be no they is blow would have directly on a pedestal and a consequence could be where more seriously.

In some minutes by means of one more appeared in time militian patrol they have been detained in the next street. Young men, 20 and 23 years, have appeared earlier already sudimy for a robbery and swindle. Now they are in custody, they are expected by charge in stealing, - informs the Department of Internal Affairs of the Astrakhan region.