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The prisoner in day of clearing has revenged the supervisor

At the prisoner sitting for robbery in a corrective colony of 2 Astrakhan region, term came to an end on January, 1st, 2009. In day of clearing it have resulted indoors kontrolno - check point for last check of documents. To freedom there were some metres, but is similar, the desire to revenge the hated chief of group has appeared more strongly. The convict has seized from a table scissors and pyrnul them the supervisor. The employee of a colony have brought to hospital.


And the convict have sent in psihbolnitsu. Medical examination has established that the citizen suffers affliction chronic mental frustration, represents special social danger to associates and needs compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital of specialised type with intensive supervision. Criminal case under article 318 of the criminal code of Russian Federation is directed to court with the decision about application to the prisoner of a forced measure of medical character, - the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Astrakhan region informs .