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In Angarsk on a fire the child

Late in Angarsk on street Granite was lost at night the house and garage has lighted up. But owners did not hurry to call firemen, and neighbours pogoreltsev slept and not at once have seen fire. Nevertheless, in the fourth o`clock in the morning they have called firemen. When there has arrived a fire-fighting crew, two-storeyed time inhabited construction and garage with might and main blazed.

- neighbours have told that in burning construction there was a child, - explains Ljubov Gabeeva, the employee a press - services GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across the Irkutsk region. - and in garage - three cars.

the fire managed to be extinguished only in two hours after the message. As a result of a fire wooden construction, garage and combustible parts of cars has completely burnt down - in garage there were old VAZ and Nissan - Bljuberd, and still the Gazelle of 2000 of release. On a fire the child was lost.

- inhabited construction was heated by an oven, - continues Love of Gabeeva. - On kitchen near an oven firemen have found the scorched fragments of a body of the child, presumably girls of six years. Also on a fire place was injured   the jobless woman of 1978 of a birth. It has got burns of the person and brushes of hands, is taken to hospital.

now on a scene try to establish the causes of the fire, guilty and a material damage.