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Nobody has wanted to buy Ayatskov`s private residence

on November, 24th should pass auction on which have exposed a housing estate in the October gorge, called Ayatskov`s private residence. The area government planned to gain for it of 124 million roubles. All wishing to get the scandalous property earlier belonging eks - to the governor, should submit demands till November, 18th. But the auctions have not taken place.
- nobody has wanted to become the owner of a private residence. On auction has not arrived any demand, - have explained in a press - service of regional committee on management of property. - that will be now with a complex - while it is not known. The question on the repeated auctions was not discussed yet.

Ayatskov still has foretold one month ago similar succession of events.

- I am assured that this private residence will not be sold. Clever will not buy, and it is not necessary to the fool. If it also will sell, not for 124 million, and for 124 copecks - it costs five years thrown, - has declared then Dmitry Fedorovich.
According to Ayatskov, the best that it is possible to make with its former house, - to pass in archdiocese possession. Probably, and it is necessary to make?