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The young pilferer in a campaign behind products has not stopped also a threefold double-glazed window

to Arrive one of these days on Lenin`s street of working settlement Sosnovsky (Nizhniy Novgorod region) has forced an alarm signal, entered to the third o`clock in the morning from two-storeyed shop standing here.

- the attention of militiamen was involved at once with the sound of fighting glass distributed from the back party of a building, - has told - NN the inspector a press - groups GU UVO at the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Nizhniy Novgorod region Julia Shultjapina. - Militiamen have immediately gone there and have found out on a window sill of a window of the ground floor the young man. It   broke out hands pieces of the broken glass from a window aperture, intending to get into grocery department of shop. Militiamen have detained the hacker and delivered in call centre GOVD.

As it was found out later, the young man has caused a damage to shop for the sum of 780 roubles, having broken a threefold double-glazed window. It has appeared the minor inhabitant of Sosnovsky area, from an unsuccessful family.

on the given fact preliminary check is spent.