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Four and a half a year of a colony has received kuzbassovets that has protected mother

17 - the summer young man - the schoolboy has put to the stepfather   21 blow by an axe, actually having beheaded it. It was preceded by quarrel of the mother with the husband. As has established the consequence, killed abused spirits and   regularly beat the spouse. So was and that evening.

Having realised an event, the young man has hidden a corpse in a cellar and powdered with clay. However, in one and a half month it was tortured by conscience and he has written an appearance from the guilty.

the Miner district court of the city of Kemerovo recognised the schoolboy guilty of murder. It have sentenced to four and a half to years   an educational colony. As have explained in a press - service of Office of Public Prosecutor of area, it   very soft punishment. The minimum term for murder - six years. In this case at purpose of punishment the court has considered set of circumstances extenuating fault to which besides illegal behaviour of the victim are carried: repenting, an appearance with guilty, contribution to crime disclosing, age, positive characteristics. Also has extenuated fault   wrongful behaviour of the victim, long time creating psychoinjuring situation.