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27 % of inhabitants of the Tula area - people of the senior generation

on November, 26th   in Tula   session of governor`s advice on which have considered the problem   has taken place; About development of system of social protection of the senior generation on the basis of increase of availability and quality of the state services .

- In   the Tula area some years successively   the great number   suffices; people of the senior generation, -   has told   the director of department of social development of the Tula area Natalia Nikolaeva. -   on the beginning of 2009 their share has made 27 %, or   about 420 thousand persons. It is most   high   an indicator across Russia.

Monthly monetary payment   the former pupils of children`s homes of a wartime 1941 - receive 1945 168,7 thousand persons from among veterans of the work, the rehabilitated people and the people who have suffered from political repressions.   400 thousand inhabitants   areas (with the account of members of families)   receive privileges on payment of habitation and utilities in natural expression.   for 9 months of this year   on it is spent   1 billion 517 million roubles.

the director of department of social development of the Tula area Natalia Nikolaeva
the Photo: Evgenie Latyshev ( the Tula news )

- Since January, 1st, 2010 in Tula   areas   forms   grantings of privileges   in natural expression   will change with natural (discounts in payment) on monetary (monthly monetary payments), - Natalia Vjacheslavovna has explained.

Additional measures of social support are established for Heroes of Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federations full of gentlemen of order of Glory, the Heroes of Socialist Work full of gentlemen of order of Labour Glory, which of   the area budget in addition monthly for life receive   an increase at a rate of 200 % of a base unit of a labour old-age pension.   and   the inhabitants of the area who has reached 100 - summer age, monthly from the area budget   receive 1000   roubles.

- As of November, 23rd, 2009 have improved the living conditions 223 veterans, from them veterans have received 42 apartments   under the contract of social hiring, and 181   the veteran has got habitation for the bill   the federal budget, - has explained Nikolaev.

As has assured a management of area it and further will continue to move veterans in the arranged well habitation.