Rus News Journal

Three persons were lost also seven have got wounds in road accident in KCHR

Failure has occurred on 35 - m of km of a highway Cherkessk - Dombai near an aul of the Sarai - Tjuz. Have faced onboard UAZ in which there were workers from
Dagestan, and the Harmony - the Prior . Legkovushka went at great speed on the main line, and the truck left from a crossroads and has not made way.

the Prior tried to leave from blow on other party of road, and, nevertheless, on all speed ran in UAZ. A brake way was not on a broader scale,
only on a blow place on asphalt there was a deep dent. to a harmony has literally crumpled in an iron heap - the driver and two passengers - local
inhabitants - have died on the spot. At the truck has broken an awning, has bent a cabin. Seven Daghestanis have got wounds, have been delivered in hospital Karachaevska. One of them in a grave condition is in resuscitation.

Preliminary car inspectors originators of road accident name both drivers: the truck has not made way, left, crossing a solid line, in an unstated place. a harmony of the Prior has exceeded speed, than and terrible force of blow which became deadly to its driver and passengers speaks.